Ninja Valiant is an N-13 operative based primarily in the Southern regions of Frega sector. 
Head Alex

Personal InformationEdit

Operative: N04

Real Name: Alexia 

Callsign: "VALIANT"

Status: Active [Frega Ice-Zone Sector]


Alexia cruised her way confidently through the Ninja training program and established herself as a reliable, powerful force. Establishing in the slightly warmer southern districts of Frega, she undertook a number of difficult infiltrations against the enemy.

Mission Commander Jensen often requests Valiant's expertise for missions he directly leads. This had lead to her being involved in a variety of high profile eliminations and snatches of enemy Generals and other minor leaders.

Contrary to many of her fellow Ninjas, Valiant likes to equip far larger heavy weapons than the standard TF130 Pistol fielded by the others. She is often enlisted for missions against large mechanical or robotic threats, because she is familiar with the arsenal required to take down these much larger targets.

On top of her standard mission duties, Alexia is also known to work on the front desk of the Lancer City Operations Tower during her low-tempo mission rotations. She uses this unique position as the front of house of Operations to develop her knowledge of the entire war effort.