Auntie is the codename for N-13's Trainer, and most experienced operative.

Personal InformationEdit

Operative: N00

Real Name: Carly 

Age: 31

Callsign: "AUNTIE "

Status: Inactive (Trainer)


Carly began her time as a Ninja  in 2004 and quickly established herself as one of the most adaptable operatives. Learning quickly, she used her strength and determination to complete her first missions that took place across all sectors. However, her career took a dramatic turn in 2005, when she was captured in Maxia. Presumed MIA, she was held in captivity for several months. The Ninja eventually escaped - killing her abusive captors before escaping and heading back to Lancer Base.

The scars ran deep, but a lengthy rehabilitiation period strengthened her resolve even more - resulting in a tougher, more focussed Ninja. Her toughness particularly in combat was most notable, gaining legendary status among her contemporaries for her ability to absorb and retain her composure even during the most painful of situations.

Carly became the top or 'Master' Ninja in 2007 - a post that she held for several years.

In 2010 she decided to retire from front-line operations and focussed her efforts into training the new recruits entering Lancer City. Taking her new position of lead trainer she immediately transformed the training programmes for all new Ninjas, sharing her exhaustive real-world knowledge of the job. Through her tutorage, the latest generation of Ninja operatives go on their first missions vastly better-prepared.

Carly's mothering, caring spirit and popularity among new entrants lead to her official callsign of 'Auntie'. 

Auntie holds the unique 'N00' operative code, meaning she can be automatically recalled and redeployed if she is required for a new mission.