The operative known only as 'Nameless' is a shadow agent. 

Personal InformationEdit

Operative: Unknown (no N number designator)

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Callsign: "NAMELESS"

Status: Unknown


Little is known about Nameless, as she is deployed on only the most secret of missions and leaves no trace.

Her missions are thought to be sent via a coded, jumbled thought transmission. It is rumoured that these messages are decoded by an advanced cranial implant inside Nameless, meaning only she is truly aware of the message content.

Nameless' official allegiance is disputed. Her mission orders originate from random coordinates, meaning it is difficult to link her to Mitvaria or any other nation. Eyewitness reports suggest she wears traditional Mitvarian Ninja Suits, however System-N13 (the Mitvarian Ninja Ministry) deny working with Nameless.

There has been one confirmed public sighting, through the psygraph taken by Mr Mindsneak . This image, taken by surprise and without Nameless' consent implicates her in an important file theft. Taking into account the physical and mental effects of a psygraph camera, it is difficult to determine the current status of Nameless, or if she is still at large.

In Headlights

Psygraph image of Nameless, as captured by Mindsneak