Nameless POV

Jules Amadeus Mindsneak (one should always call him Mr. Mindsneak!) is a master criminal and mind terrorist. He is an officially recognised enemy of Mitvaria and one of System-N13's primary targets.

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Jules Amadeus Mindsneak

Age: Unknown


Status: At Large


Victors Ambush

Mindsneak and his henchmen threaten Ninja Victor

Mindsneak has operated in the criminal underworld for many years, using a network of hideouts and a team of loyal henchmen to deploy a variety of evil schemes.

Most recently, he captured Ninja Victor and held her for several hours, but was futile in extracting any information from her. He also boasts as the one who first uncovered Nameless' covert activities, holding the achievement as one of his greatest moments.

He uses a unique way of threatening his targets. Instead of using laser, projectile or melee weapons, Mindsneak uses his DEVIL Camera, a lens based device that creates a psygraph image of whatever he aims at. As well as publishing the image automatically into the public domain, it also inflicts an instantaneous and powerful mental disruption in the target - rendering them weakened and confused in just a few snaps.